When we started on this journey, there was only one other blog we could find and there was limited information about CFD or PFFD online.  I decided to start this blog so that family and friends could follow our journey but also so other parents sharing this journey with us could read about our experiences.  I also hoped that those who were just starting could feel a sense of hope about the future.  Thank you for the support we have received and also the sweet messages I have received from families who have read our blog and felt that it has helped them in some way.

I have decided that I would like to make this blog private to only family and friends and other PFFD/CFD families.  If you would like to continue following Daniel's journey, please email me at danielssteps@gmail.com and I will add you to the readers list.  I want to continue to help out any families I can because I know that starting out on this journey can be very scary and daunting. 

Once I have given you access you need to click here to access his blog:

Daniel's Private Blog

Best Wishes,